Beautiful Creatures: movie

if you have followed my blog for a while you know that i HATED THIS BOOK, and when i got to know that they were gonna turn it into a movie i LOLed and even warned my FB friends not to see it, because this movie had become such an hype. 
But then, at the last bookblog event i went to I got tickets for 2 to go and see this movie. and well, it was free so yeah, i wen't and saw the movie. the only reason i even did that was because i wanted to write a bad review about the book.
and here it GOES...
for starters, the movie was better than the book. but it wasn't good.
Ethan and Lena were two very strange characters, they are SO MUCH LIKE EDWARD AND BELLA expect that the rolls are changed. 
however i liked the environment, the "fantasy scenes" were very well made. 
this movie was a lot like twilight expect much much... crappier. that "love at first sight but at a fantasy level" "i will never leave you, idc that it will kill us" "our love is stronger than nature" all that crap was there, and  i can't deal with that, uhuh, 12 year old scout girls might enjoy it but not 16 year old me, uh uh. 

Atleast i had some great snack by me throe the movie
xoxo Lihini

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