Book-Blog event

I have had super fun today at the book blog event! I met so many new book bloggers and they were all so nice and sweet, you would think that people who read are a bit shy because they read and avoid social contact to read (... or maybe that's just me?) lol, but they were really forward, and I like when people are forward. Omg, the goodiebags were INSANE, I will write a seperate post just about that.
they did interviews there, they Interviewed Peter Barlach, a Swedish author, I was so excited to meet him because i practically grew up with some of his books, books haven't been translated to english though.
Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren was also there, they wrote the Circle trilogy, they are seriously the best Swedish authors, you should check out there first book, you can find it in the search bar.
They had set up this thing, you could bring books that you didn't wan't or something, and trade them, but you could only take half of the amount that you came with! the rest of the books wen't to a hospital which I thought was a great idea.
here are some pictures, excuse me, I know the pictures are put in a weird way but i couldn't fix it... 





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