hello fellas!

i have been cleaning all day, seriously, all day, but im in a strangely happy mood. huh.
so i was thinking... do you guys wan't a giveaway here on the blog? i could probably come up with something if there is a request :)
S'mores bar- this would be so easy. It's just cans of sterno in pebbles.Organizing jewelry with paint sticks.  Just add push pins.  I put up cork board squares and put stick pens in it and hung my earrings from it.  I just stuck the stick pens in the sheetrock walls in my bathroom for my necklaces.  Looks greatStrings of mini lights attached to a rod behind sheer fabricThe way you apply eyeliner can really change the shape of your eyesSticks in frames- elegant!time worn interiorsStairs & booksSeriously lolYes. Yes I did.Tree bookshelf!The Temper Trap - The Temper Trapthe vow
xoxo Lihini

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