Let's freeze this moment.
this exact same moment.

I am so scared.
on my 16th birthday i cried. i cried because i didn't wan't to grow up. I am so scared of growing up that it hurts.
I am turning 17 in 3 months and 8 days. Im not ready. not ready at all.
We all hurry off here in life to get to adulthood. we dream about the cars, perfect house, perfect job, family, etc.
But we are so ignorant. that is not life. that is not the life of a adult at all.
what we don't think about are our future problems.
the heart break/break's we will go through
the economy problem's
the feeling of loneliness and that we are lost
breaking childhood bonds
all the stress of the future
Im not ready for that, i never have been and i never will be either. ever.
I wan't to be young forever.

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