True love - a real thing?

and this leads me to my next topic
does true love really exist?
and if so, what is really the definition of true love?
will i feel it, will i know that im feeling it, and why oh why do i keep telling myself that there is no such a thing as true love?
I just finished Opal as you might know, and their love story... words cannot describe how touched i was by it. they had their up's and down's but at the end of the day they still loves each other.
here in Sweden more people get divorced than married. what does that say about true love?
are the authors painting up a dreamworld where they wish to live because IRL we have forgotten the true meaning of love and how to love?
My mum told me something yesterday that made me terrified.
I have never told her that i love her because they are three scary words to be really honest with you. every time i open up to someone they disappear out of my life. every time i make contact with a new person I always wait for the friendship to break. because nothing can last forever right?
she asked me "Lihini, why can't you just say the words, they are just three words, so easy to say"
and that scared the living hell out of me.
Is that what people think these day? that "i love you" are three simple words, easy to throw around? how do we then tell someone what we really feel for them to understand if all the loaded phrases are becoming just phrases? like, "would you like to order something?" A flat sentence.
if we keep going down this frightening cliff we will not end up in a good place.
because if the meaning of love was being forgotten
would we have our humanity left?

its 1am over here but i needed this out of my system, going to sleep now, good night!

xoxo Lihini

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