note to self:

note to my self. when i get a boyfriend that i plan on keeping, i have to stop read books.
now, before you go ape on me here me out.
I like guys, funny guys, they make me happy.
But books... they make wan't more than funny. they make me want dangerous.
they make me want adventurous.
they make me wan't the hottest guy on this planet.
they make me want a supernatural creator
they make me want something that is not even real.
and i'ts one thing just to like the book characters, but you should NOT make a book/books decide how your future bf/gf should be like. because whether we want to realize it or not (i don't in fact) books are just books. characters that you most definitely will not meet, unless you are reading a true story or a biography.
there is a fine line. a line i tend to step over when i read about a too good character.

xoxo Lihini

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