Teatime with Lihini

remember i promised you guys another interview in a couple of weeks? well here It is! I interviewed on of my crazy classmates, she is so funny and cute, Im not even sure you can get mad at her, i mean, who can get mad at a girl named Julia who always talk's about poop?

L: hello Julia how are you doing?

J: Hi Lihini ! i'm fine thanks for asking 

L: you seem to be in a good mood, someone special who made you this happy today?

J:haha, you of course !  no but this morning i got a new chinchilla baby so i'm very happy for that 

L: oh the rat with huge ears, i see...
Just kidding, im happy for you and your new baby
so, have you been reading something lately?

J: the latest book a red was horrible, a swedish book called " finns inte på kartan"

L: horrible you say, why so?

J: nothing happened, the headcharacter was so depressed and it was just boring

L: i hate when that happens, It's like reading about sleeping characters, they don't to anything...

J: yeah exactly! so annoying

L:I know that you are very picky when it comes to choosing books, why do you think you are so picky?

J: yes that's true, i have really bad patient when it comes to book and other things in life, i don't know why i guess i was born that way hehe , but if the book i good i can't wait til i get home from school to read !

L:that's a bittersweet feeling, because if i have a good book waiting for me at home I don't socialize with my friends at school i just think about the book.. do you recognize yourself in that?

J: no actually not, i'm not really a bookfanatic i like talking not reading 

L: that's right, i forgot hehe
have you read a good book this year yet? 

J: yeah one ! it's called "the circle"

L: I loved it too! why did you like it so much?

J: Before i thought i just liked love books but i had heard a lot of this fantasy book so i gave it a shot, and then i realised i absolutley loved it ! and now fantasy books is the best

L: fantasy books are the best haha. but if you find a good book, how do you get the time to read the book, since i know that you are pretty serious about school, and with your football and horse riding going on?

J: that's one of the reasons til why i'm not a bookfanatic, I don't have the time, But like when i'm going to bed it can be nice to have a book

L:i see. now my last question, would you rather read one super duper great book for the rest of the life or different half bad books for the rest of your life?

J: a super great i guess ? why would i want to read a half bad book for the rest of my life ? 

L: no, you would be able to read DIFFERENT half bad books, not the same 

J: aha haha still a super great i think 

L: okey then! would you like to add something more to this interview? something you forgot to tell us, what you ate for lunch (chicken) how your spanish test went, secret crush?

J: hahahahahahahaha lihini ! no nothing to add 

L: hey you never know! anyway, thank you for taking your time answering my questions and i will see you tomorrow at school!

J: yeeeeees

xoxo Lihini

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