hello fellas.
today have been kind of a lazy morning. woke up 10 o clock, wen't to the laundry room just to notice that i won't be able to wash my clothes, been blogging, watching vlog's and that's it. i love vlogs, and Youtube in general. my mother is really pissed for some reason, wan'ts me to clean my room. trust me, my room have looked worse. we are going out today to shop some christmas presents, and to have some dinner, we are eating at Jensens Böfhus, they have the BEST steak ever!!
but right now im going to clean my room and make myself a cup of hot chocolaté
Hot cocoa and candy canes!Santa hat brownies :)
Gorgeous!Lovely table setting idea!Nutella/espresso mug cakeCinnamon stick candles!Jingle Jangle Punch!Snowman pizza!Baby, it's cold outside!Flower pot decorations!Reindeer cookies!Cranberry Mason jar candle!For the chance to indulge :)For warm memoriesFor the gorgeous lights!To light up the world :)
~ Let yourself be INSPIRED..

xoxo Lihini

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