Book Related Christmas Gifts!

Christmas. oh wonderful christmas...
i didn't wish for so many gifts this year, just to be sure that i get that i wan't hahah ;) but i did wish for a presentcard at our local book store so don't worry. i wished for a piano too, to have in my room but my mother said that she would never in this life have another piano in the house. i cried for 2 weeks.
In The Library bottle 
this is a perfume that is suppose to smell like a library haha so cool!
Novel TEas
Since  i have my roots in Sri Lanka that somehow automatically makes me a tea girl haha, so this must be the perfect gift someone could ever give me.
White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland iPhone 5 Cases
i loved this quote from Alice in Wonderland, and to have it in a case would be awesome! there are other quotes so i definitely think you should check out their homepage, and they make other personalized things to!
do i have to say what this is?
Percy Jackson pbk 5-book boxed Set
The Twilight Saga ''White Collection'' Boxed Set

book boxes!!!! love love looove book boxes, they look so much more exclusive..
i could not tell you with words how important it is to help others. others who live under harder curcomstances. every month i donate 50Kr, that would be like 7$, and it might seem like a small amount for some, but thats 25% of my sellery, cinse i only go to that job once a month. 
no one can do everything. 
but we all can do something
5. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/
6. http://www.unicef.org
xoxo Lihini

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