The August gala is coming up really fast, and I think it's safe to say that every passionate reader follows this event like some people follow SVT's christmas shows during Christmas.

It's Sweden's biggest literature gala, and probably the most high prestige literature prize you can get in Sweden. Every influential person will be attending the gala, that's for sure

This year's host will be no other than Amanda Ooms.
She's an actress and writer. She starred in The Expendables 2, among other movies.

The 18 nominated books and 6 nominated novellas will be announced at the press conference (which will take place Oct. 20th)

The press conference will be live streamed from TeenBookaLover. So you won't miss a beat!

I will be on the press conference and the gala. This will be my second year and I'm honored to be a guest for the second time. I'll be attending the event with my photographer Elvira Gidlund. I'm gonna try to squeeze in an interview with some of the nominated authors. May the force be with me...

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