Blog event with Magnus Ljunggren and Maria Nygren (Hosted by Bonnier Carlsen)

I was asked to lead a blog event two weeks ago, and of course I accepted. I love meeting authors, readers, bloggers and TeenBookaLover readers out in real life. It's always a pleasure.

The event took place on PunktMedis in Stockholm, and Bonnier Carlsen where the ones behind it all.

Magnus Ljunggren and Maria Nygren both released new books. I've read them both and enjoyed them a lot. I loved talking with the authors, they were super adorable. The seats got all occupied which was very nice to see. I think the bloggers who where there would enjoy the books, and lucky them, they got BOTH books in their goodie bags ;)

Make sure to check out the books!

Magnus Ljunggren - Skärvor av J
Maria Nygren - Miriam om Natten

Photographer: Elvira Gidlund

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