Hi! I came home yesterday, the first thing I planned to do when I came home was open the computer and review the book I finished reading on my trip, buuuuut I fell asleep. I don't even remember walking in to my room yesterday lol.

Today have been a rather busy day! I woke up, and seeing my books this morning gave me so much joy. Made my day. Then I got dressed and did my make up, before heading to Stockholm city for my radio debut. I had my TeenBookaLover team with me, wouldn't be able to get to the interview without them haha!

It's in Swedish so non swedish speakers wont understand a thing!
I talked about Divergent, they asked me question about it, what I thought in general, what I liked, disliked, my thoughts about the characters etc. I think I did a pretty great job, seeing as it is my first time in radio and all. A unforgettable experience, and trust me, this won't be my last time.  Click here to get to the link

The TeenBookaLover team!

Me and the interviewers, Linnéa and Sara!

us being us outside the studio

xoxo Lihini

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