Went to the gym as usual, picked up some books from the post-office (Papertowns by John Green and Eleanor and Parker) by Rainbow Rowell, nothing fancy really.

I had so much fun this day!
I had a beep test which wasn't the fun part but I endured it and I did pretty good so I'm satisfied. I can't wait until my last beep test that will come up in a few months, because then it will all be OVER.
After school I had a meeting with Nordisk Film, the movie company that's resposible for the Divergent movie here in Sweden, I had a really fun time there at their head quarters, I love being there, and I love working with the movie, I know I will feel so proud of myself when I see the movie, It'll feel like I had a part in the making, which I in a way have. We talked a lot about upcoming event's that I can't talk about, but I'll tell you this, the swedish fans won't be disappointed!

I got a mail from Swedens biggest library, asking me if I wanted to hold a interview there with an author. I'd never heard of him but I accepted, because I'm spontaneous like that.

 Surprise test at school! I mean, it was planned but I totally missed it, therefor I was surprised.
I did amazeballs at it though.

F I N A L L Y.
Killer work out session at the gym! Biceps and back was on the schedule for the day. Or to be completely honest it wasn't but my friend Fredrik thought I should do it. I usually hate doing back excercises because I'ts boring and so limited with work outs but this day was different, I think I did over 75 chins (with help weight)!!!

I had to run some errands before though, being a blogger is not always easy lol...

Party at Emelie's place! It was her 18th birthday and it was a theme party, We had to dress up to something that began with the first letter in our names. I was a Hillbilly! In Swedish it's "lantis" ;)
I met some very nice people, her boyfriend was so sweet! They were so cute together :')

The night ended with me and Julia at her place, just talking about life and boys to 3 am 

Pictures taken by me and Elin

Woke up at Julia's house, had some nice breakfast, talked, just a normal cozy Sunday morning. But I was very tired when I woke up, I only slept 5 hours, and I need ALL my 10 hours of sleep...

I've also been studying...
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Off to bed now, love ya!

xoxo Lihini

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