The Jungle Book VS. The Scarlet Letter.

And so the battle between two classic novels begin.

I have to read a classical novel for my English class. Even though books from the 1800 aren't really my thing I'm not complaining.

I'm supposed to review the book afterwards, and we all know that I could probably review a book in my sleep, but this review requires more... thinking. I need to dig deep and really analyze it; I have to think about political issues too and how this book might have reflected the society etc.

My English teacher told me that The Jungle Book would be easier to analyze because it's about a boy who's been cut out from the society completely, and when he tries to be like the "normal people" he just can't because he's been growing up without all these norms etc. That is very topical if we look at our society, we are so far from our true nature that we possibly could be.

But then we have The Scarlet Letter on the other hand that's about this woman who sleeps with married men and the town makes her wear this letter on her jacket or something so that people know it's "that scandalous woman".
I REALLY want to read this book, because that book seems very scandalous and dangerous, and that makes me wan't to investigate it even more.

I don't know, I have a tough decision to make haha... either way I could always read the book I choose not to read this time on my spare time... since that's what I do. I read ahellova lot. And I love it.

xoxo Lihini

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