How to get free ebooks if you are a blogger

Let's face it, books are expensive.
And if you are a reviewer it can be even more expensive, because we often feel the need to read and review new books all the time.

What you might not know is that publishers value your reviews  A LOT. Especially if you have at least 1000 readers/ month.
Many publishers will send you a ebook because every time you write about their book you are promoting it. Doesn't matter if it's a negative or positive review.

This applies on Goodreads reviewers too. If you have reviewed 100 books and have a lot of subsribers/ friends publishers will want to send you books too.

But the real question is; How do they know about you?
Easy, you just make yourself an account at Netgalley.com !
Netgalley is a great site where publishers put up books they wan't reviewers to read and review before it comes out, and if you wan't to read the book you just press the "request this" button and they'll look into your profile and either decline or accept your request.

xoxo Lihini

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