My Inspiration - Lea Michele

Yes, I know, I've talked about her before, and before, and before.
And I'm going to do it again.

I was diagnosed with depression late in September. This is not something I've talked about before on my blog, because I didn't feel comfortable talking about it. It was pretty serious at that time, but I don't wan't to go into detail about that. I'm still on my way to recovery, I'm feeling much better than what I did in September. :)

Cory Monteith passed away 13th July.
The whole fandom was grieving, his friends, family and girlfriend, Lea Michele...

What that girl had to go trough is remarkable. She lost the love of her life. She couldn't go home because there were more than a 100 paparazzi's outside her house that day. Wherever she turned someone would be there to snap a picture of her. Her boyfriend had just passed away and all she could do was grieve in her friends house (Kate Hudson)

But she did it anyway. She lived. She is working, modeling and whatnot. But most importantly. She is smiling.
I feel like, if she can continue with her life, if she can find love in the darkest tunnel, then I can. She inspires me when things are hard. She always does. That's why I admire her. A lot.

xoxo Lihini

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