The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes is back in business!

After the big unexpected flop (hey I'm just quoting Constantin) with City of Bones they didn't know what the future would hold for City of Ashes, and then we got to know that they wouldn't be producing it...

But cry no more! The fans of the movie (and books!!) have sent them so much positive energy, letters, and what not, so now they are inspired to start again!  They will be looking into more detailed what they did wrong and hopefully do it right this time. (I could help you guys with that, I've read the book many more times than you, no offence) 

Per the report, Constantin will relaunch production on the second film in the series next year, while using the last few months of 2013 to analyze why and how the first movie didn't do as well as they'd hoped. (Among the problems: Apparently, nobody realized that the "Mortal Instruments" fandom isn't entirely under the age of 18—which, as the adult editors of this blog and their life-sized stuffed Jace can attest, is obviously a Thing.)
So while there's no official release date for us to pin our hopes on, there is the promise of more big-screen shadowhunting to come, so everyone put on your party hats and DANCE.
Source: Constantin films, MTV

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