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Hello internet people that like to read blogs! To start of, I am not one of you, but I like to help out my friends and since Lihini isn’t currently able to do her blogging I’ll try to help put. My name is William, I starred in a teatime with Lihini way back, when we talked about how much of a pimp I was, but I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would disagree with that.

How do I know Lihini some of you may ask? We go to the same school, I am one of her upperclassmen, and she is my snuggly wuggly baby.

Well, now to the subject, books. I am writing this right now quite unprepared for what I am getting into, I don’t even know which book I am going to talk about yet! I have the book “Slaughterhouse five” in front of me, it is the book I am currently reading, but as I am nowhere near done with it, and it is pretty weird considering what this website usually writes about, I’ll pick another one.

So, what am I going to write about?

I am going to do something different than what is usually done one this blog I guess.
There is this short story I read a while back called “The last question” written by famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. I liked it a lot, since it was well written and the ending was just fantastic.

One of the most important things to me in movies and books is that the ending is good. It’s the most important part. It’s the thing that will leave you in awe or just smack you down to the ground with a big “FUCK YOU”. The last question is kind of bland when it comes to the story in whole; we get to follow humanity through time, from now to the end of the universe. The story follows several characters, none of them serving any significance as a person, but just as tools to explain what is happening around them in the universe. And what is happening in the universe, entropy.

Entropy is the physics term for explaining the increase of chaos in the universe. How everything in the universe is broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, how the stars in the sky slowly burn out and die. It’s about what happens when the universe runs out of energy, when every sun has burnt out, and all that exists in the universe is disorder. I’m not going to go into too much detail about it, since it’s very complicated and I barely understand it myself.

But yeah, that is what the book is about, how to stop entropy and prolong the existence of life in the universe.

My description probably doesn’t interest most of the people reading this, but, just read it for God’s sake. The ending is absolutely amazing and genius, and even if you don’t like the beginning, or the middle, just keep reading til you reach the end, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And, that’s what the best part of writing about a short story is I can share it all with you, because it’s available online. (http://filer.case.edu/dts8/thelastq.htm)

So, I hope at least one of you guys read it, I personally know I will force Lihini to read it.
Peace out homies!

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