My Search for the Golden F(leece)eathers.

I was 14 - 15 when I first saw feather extensions. Wow I thought. I NEED THAT. 
I think it's so beautiful, I love how it gives color to your hair and the fact that you don't have to take them of is the hugest plus ever, since I'm not the biggest fan of taking to much time to fix myself in the morning. 

But unfortunately for me I live in Narnia (Sweden) and we didn't have feather extensions at that time! It was still pretty new. months wen't by and I never stopped my search for these lovely feathers.
 And then I found them.
On the internet.
For 100 kr per feather (£10, $13)
If the feathers were actually WORTH that much I would pay the price but I knew that they were not.
Alas I bought one feather anyway.
Just to find out that it was not really a feather. It was just  feather looking hair.
My trust in humanity died that day.  But I'm Still searching. 

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~Stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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  1. Kolla på de här accessoarerna! Jag vet inte riktigt hur du vill att de ska du ut men du kan kika i alla fall:




    Mvh Eira - din gamla klasskamrat du vet :pppPP :)