How to: Put Scent on the Right Way

I have all kind of friends. The ones who BATH in perfume, the ones who skim though a perfume mist and those who only use some drops and let their shower wash and shampoo fragrance takes over.

But did you know that there is a RIGHT way to put on perfume?

  • You wan't the scent to stay on you as long as possible, and you want the PERFUME smell to be the smell people smell on you. Because of that it's important that you try to clear free from scented shampoos and body washes. Try looking for a fragrance free.
  • Know what places on your body to put scent on.  People usually put some drops on their wrist,     behind their ears and neck. That's because we have our pulse points there, and our pulse points are our most heated places and the heat radiates out from our body, and when we put perfume there the scent carries with the heat.
I'm Obsessed with Chanel no 5, absolutely love the smell!

  • It's best to put on perfume RIGHT after you step out from the shower. (Okay, you should dry yourself first) Your pores are still open after the hot shower and will absorb the scent much better than what it would have done on dry non washed skin. 
  • If you can't take a shower before putting perfume on you should at least put some lotion on your body (unscented) before spraying)
The 1 Million Men perfume will always bring back sad memories...

  • Avoid, at all costs, to rub your wrists after putting on perfume there! The fragrance will mix with your natural oil and can cause the scent to change.
I really like Capri, It's quite famous in Asia and does wonders to Asian skin, and the best thing about it is that is smells SO MUCH like Chanel no 5!

Source: Michelle Phan

~stay smart and smell great
xoxo Lihini

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  1. Is the Capri perfume cheaper than Chanel no 5?