Cloak & Dagger: Stuck In 2 Worlds REVIEW

Cloak & Dagger: Stuck In 2 WorldsBy G. Avetis
Pages: 428
Publisher: Createspace

A young woman who wanted nothing but her freedom. A vampire who would try to control her destiny.

Ruby Rahman, age seventeen, ran away from her home in the Middle East to escape an arranged marriage. But her dream of an independent life in the U.S. turns into a nightmare when she becomes the captive of William Scott, a handsome young vampire who finds her scent irresistible.

Despite herself, Ruby finds herself falling for William. After all, he and his “family” have risked their lives to keep her hidden from the rogue vampire who’s on her trail—and the council that would kill her for uncovering an ancient secret.

But Ruby has secrets of her own. And when a gorgeous young vampire named Nikolas challenges William for her affections, she’ll be forced to unravel the mystery of who she really is—and where she really belongs.

I wanted to like this book SO SO bad. I saw real potential in it after reading the synopsis. I got this E-ARC personally from the author, I had some problems with the file and she was really nice about the whole thing and sent me another, and then checked up with me a week or so later to see if it worked. A very nice lady Indeed. 

This book reminded me quite a lot about Twilight. 
There were moments when I thought to myself "wow, didn't something similar happen in the Twilight saga?"

Ruby, the main character is not from the United States, and because of that everything is sort of new to her. She would always think/say stuff like "in my country..."  etc...
"In my country..." was repeated 15 times which I think is too much. I don't mean that she shouldn't talk about Ivenia, but she could have said what she wanted to be said in a different way. 

I also thought that it was weird that Ruby didn't question right away how she ended up in a bunch of strangers home when she got there. She was really respected toward them and it took her weeks to ask. 

Then we have William...
He just confused me. He acted like a total asshole for weeks, didn't say anything, just walked around looking really mad. 
And why did he act like this?
Because he liked Ruby of course, makes total sense...

I think this book is bringing an important subject to light, because there are MILLIONS of girls living under the circumstances Ruby was living under but a lot of them can't escape, like Ruby did... And the cultural struggles Ruby had/have to go trough are things that either Avetis had to go trough or someone she knows. I think it's strong of her to write about something that clearly have ffected her a lot. 
Brave attempt to mix this with vampires but it wasn't something for me... This book have a high rating on goodreads so you should check it out! (and there is a giveaway of this book on goodreads too!)

xoxo Lihini

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