City of Ashes movie - Delayed.

Constantin have announced that they are pushing pack the premiere of City of Ashes with nearly a year. (2015)
This is what they had to say about it:

“Constantin Film has a long tradition of adapting books to the big screen. Pushing back the start of production of City of Ashes was a decision we did not take lightly. But after speaking with all of our partners on the creative and distribution side, it was clear that it will be beneficial to have more time to reposition the film in the current marketplace. The Mortal Instruments series has an incredibly loyal and ardent fan base and is a best-selling book series. While taking Cassandra Claire’s [sic] vision to the screen we want to make sure to draw on the full potential of the franchise.”

The movie didn't make as much money as they were hoping for, and this plays a huge part. The movie have been very criticized, people call it "twilight wanabee" and stuff like that so they are taking the time to build this movie up to make it better.

But that's not the only thing..
The latest roomer is that they might REEBOOT the cast, in other words, new cast.

That's where I put my foot down. NO WAY. It took me almost two years to warm up to all the cast members and I have realized that these actors are as close as you can get to the real deal and they talk about REBOOT!?

Even if they choose not to film the movie I will never loose hope. Just like I never lost hope with Percy Jackson. And see, I got another movie (which I haven't seen yet but still)

I would love to hear your thoughts about this so feel free to leave a comment!

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