One year anniversary! (and a giveaway!) +

Me and my baby are celebrating our one year anniversary today! And of course I'm talking about the blog!
I can not believe it, I seriously can not believe this. Wow.
One year. 365 days. 415 posts, Over a hundred reviews, and God knows what more have lead us to this day. This is such a cliché thing to say, but Im going to say it anyway. I don't know where I would be, or WHAT I would be without this blog. I have this blog to thank for so many reasons, this year has been incredible. So flipping Incredible.
When I first started this blog I didn't have in mind that it would become this big. All I wanted was to practice my English.
As I said before this blog have given me so much, but three things that I will never forget was

1. When Simone Elkeles commented on my post that I wrote about her, AND shared it on her facebook and wrote "Sometimes a fan writes something so sweet about me it brings tears to my eyes!" Everytime I think about it I feel so proud of myself, and I feel honored. That I have, in some way, touched one of my favorite authors heart. This blog wouldn't be this huge if it wasn't for her and I thank her everyday. Thank you Simone Elkeles. You rock.

2. The time when I got recognized by a reader! She was like "omg It's you!" That was seriously a mind blow day, never ever had that happened before, to be honest I WAS STARSTRUCK to meet a reader in real life! 

3. And lastly but NOT least, being able to share this journey with all of you guys! Sharing my reviews, healthy receipts, TAGS, feelings, just about everything I've wanted to share with people all over the world is one of the few things I look forward doing everyday.  

So to thank all of you guys Im doing a giveaway! And yes, YOU ALL can participate, no matter country, this a INTERNATIONAL giveaway!

Im giving away four eBooks in E pub format* to four lucky readers, (yes, you will get four each!) all you have to do is comment down below why you like my blog, or your favorite post from this blog! 
I will be giving away:

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E Smith
Easy - Tammara Webber
on the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta
Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini

You have until August 31th to participate in this giveaway, and If you share this post I will see it as a bonus!
Thank you all again for making my first year as a book-blogger awesome, and let's hope for more years and more giveaways to come!

*you can read ebooks from your e reader, computer, tablet or cellphone, you might have to download a program to open th file, but the program is free. 

~stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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