behind the scenes


And It's a wrap!
Wow the photo shoot wen't soooo well, I got so emotional when my friends decided to step up as my personal assistants, they helped me through it all, and this shoot wouldn't have been this successful if it wasn't for them. Me and Elvira (the photographer and a great friend) have been working close on the header, and Im very proud of it and can't wait to share it with all of you guys on Monday!

Julia sorting the books (she got mad when I messed it all up)

Elvira the photographer touching up my hair.

As long as I got a book near by, im cool.


She is Amazing!

Peek a BOO!

LOVED this shot


I had to bring ALL these book with me, yes, I need a back massage.


The awesome photographer and me!

A big thanks to Evelina who took all the behind the scene Pictures!! (charming isn't she?)

~ Stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini


  1. Inte för att vara sån :3 Jag har faktiskt tagit typ alla bilder du la upp, bajskorv

    1. haha, well pardon me then, I honestly thought that you were only in charge of matching the books, but I love you just the same <3

  2. Det där var den fulaste bilden jag någonsin sett på mig... Någonsin, å alla dina läsare får se det :( </3