Teatime With Lihini Guest Klara Palm

L: Hey Klara how are you?

K: I'm great, thanks for asking! How are you?

L: Im doing great myself. What are your plans for the summer?

K: Visiting our summer house, hanging out with friends, reading a ton of books, swimming and so on. In conclusion; the usual stuff.

L: Haha that sounds like a lot of fun! Have you set a reading list?

K: I haven't actually! Do you have one?

L: Yes I have one, and I uploaded it yesterday actually! Do you mind sharing some of the books on your list?

K:A few books that I'm planning on reading are The Hobbit, The Catcher in the Rye, Fahrenheit 451, The outsiders, Divergent series, Paper Towns and Thirteen Reasons Why.

L: Im reading the hobbit this summer too! I think you will like divergent, i know i do. What have you chosen these books in particular to read, im wondering because these are not really "summerish" books?

K: I'm not sure... They are just books that I haven't read that seem really enjoyable. However, I will most likely raid the library on more summerish books. For example I absolutely love Sarah Dessen's books!

L:Do you have a favorite?

K: By Sarah Dessen or in general?

L: By Sarah Dessen

K: I would probably say What Happened To Goodbye, but I like all of her books because they are all breezy and likable.

L: If you were going to be stranded on a island for the rest of your life, which 3 books would you bring with you and why?

K: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because they are my favorites and I pretty much read them all the time. If I wasn't able to read them whenever I wanted to I would probably go mental.

L: Haha, I have to agree with you, City of Glass have become a part of my life. Why do you like the hunger games so much?

K: Because it contains a lot of social criticism but at the same time it's very thrilling, intense and the characters are amazing.

L: Do you think the book have a greater meaning? Do you think Collins wanted to say something with this book?

K: Definately! I think she wanted readers to think about what the media and reality TV makes people do. I also think that she wanted people to believe that it's possible to make a change and realise that it can be good to question old habits.

L: That's a good theory and I have to agree with you. Its more than just a book. I have one last question for you, if you could meet ANY author or character of choice, who would it be and why?

K: Jace from the Mortal Instruments! He's simply amazing!

L: Would you like to tell us a bit more why you think he is amazing?

K:He's extremely funny, handsome(at least in my head), smart, faithful, loving, witty, you get the picture I could go on like this for a while. Don't you just love Jace? Mabye you would like to see his mangoes?;)

L: Hahahahaha, I adore Jace, it's soo funny that u ask me about his mangoes because I just uploaded a pic about that to instagram. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, and have a great evening with lots of mangoes!

K: It was my pleasure! Have a wonderful evening and hopefully I'll see you soon!

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