what to do when you are sick...

it's super warm outside, the birds are singing and I can SMELL  the ice cream from the ice cream stands, and it's really annoying, because I love ice cream so yeah... because Im sick.

my whole body hurts, i guess this is what it feels like to be old..

so anyway, being sick sucks, especially when im supposed to go out summer shopping today and watch a movie at the cinema AND have a room to clean.

just thinking about all that makes my head hurt more, but anyway. I thought I'd take this oppurtunity to share with you guys what I do when Im sick!

My mum work as a acupuncturist and she works with ayurveda too, so she is pretty much against all sort of medicines unless im like dying lol, but I always have tea by my side. I prefer green tea with honey, and i put it in a thermos so it will stay hot for a longer time

when Im sick I also like to read, but not books, I find books too heavy for my eyes, I need pictures and stuff so I have some old magazines to just skim throe or.

lot's of water!
water is a must for your system, I know that it might not taste so great but try to add some strong juice to give it some flavor, that will also cheer us up, being able to drink something we like.

and lastly but not least... chocolate...
because it's chocolate. enough said.

I hope I get well soon, because it hurts feeling old...

using my e reader for something else today...

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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