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I have started a new thing here on the blog, and that is "week Challenge" where I will give you a Challenge, and you will try your best to do it! the challanges will be as book related as I can make them. and if I have eough people joining the challenge I will pick a weeks winner if you write and tell me(mail or a comment works) where you will tell me how you have been doing on the challenge and the person I feel like have worked the hardest will win a Shoutout (instagram, blog, twitter etc...) !

this weeks Challenge is...
Look at your bookshelf.
I challenge you guys to give away at least one of your books to a hospital or a orphanage. I know that parting from your books is EXTREMELY hard, and if you feel like you really can't give away any of your read books my tip is to give away a book you haven't read and know you never will, that is what I am going to do. 
Not only do we learn the give but we will make someone else happy, we will give another kid the joy to explore and be dragged into a book. 
But it's all up to you. Will you do it?
Reading is awesomeanoukfreesoul:    Bookworm. Cause some things never changed.Bookworm
~stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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