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Hola Amigos, vas happenin?

I've had a wonderful weekend, had guests over Friday night, Saturday I went to Julia’s family party and today I went to a driving course for the first time! 

As the tag title says we are going to talk about negative thinking which I know a lot of teenagers have. Being a teenager isn’t always easy. Being an adult isn’t always easy either. We deal with different kind of hard things here in life. We make decisions every day, some we are aware of, some we are not so aware of. An unaware action could be when you say Hi to someone, and an aware decision could be picking ice cream flavor.

Those are easy things for most of us, because we do this time after time. We have said hi innumerable of times and we have picked an ice cream flavor at least more than five times. We know what we are doing, therefore we think positive about our action.

But doing something for the first time, or making a big decision can be very hard, and it’s when we are in doubt our negative thinking comes in.

We think in a negative pattern mainly because we don’t believe in ourselves. Someone will always do what we do better, someone will always do what we do faster etc.
We don’t believe in ourselves because we are scared to fail. We worry what others might think, we over analyze every situation and end up being in more doubt which will lead to more negative thinking.
What if I told you at almost every human person have been where you are today, thinking in that same pattern?
Think about your role model, he/she have definitely had a negative thinking pattern more than one in her/his life. But they made it right? They made it through life in an admirable way right?

Being a kid I always heard that I wasn’t fast enough, not bright enough, not a good talker, had a bad writing style etc, and this held me back. Why would I even try to be good when people who I hang out with every day (and teachers) told me that I wouldn’t be able to make it? Surely they would know more than me since I can’t really see myself from other people’s point of view. Like I said before this held me back, I would rather be that stupid girl in class who failed every test. I wouldn’t even try. Until one summer when I went to a politician meeting with a bunch of other kids in my age (I was around 14). I fell in love that day. I fell in love with politician’s spirit. They make decisions every day, they speak up about their ideas and they speak with such a certainty that people start to believe in their ideas too. They don’t have time for negative thinking; they have a country to run! They inspired me to take place, they inspired me to free my mind of cants and fill it with cans.

Up to this day I have achieved:
being recognized as a blogger
owned several hobby companies (8 to be exact)
Worked with politicians for a year as a juvenile crude conductor.
Being prom host on my prom
Written a Manus that have been requested to a screenplay
And more and I’m only 17.

People told me I couldn’t, I TOLD MYSELF I couldn’t, but guess again, I can and I did, and I will continue doing great thing’s because I CAN.

I’m not special; there is nothing special about me. I just know that a negative thinking won’t take you anywhere

You are you and never try to be someone else. It’s just exhausting. If I hadn’t started thinking in a more positive way I would never have been able to grab all these opportunities when I had them, Ii would think that I’m not good enough for any of those things. And where would I have been today if it wasn’t for all these amazing opportunities I have had in life, these things that have changed my life in a good way? I don’t know, but I would not have been here, sitting behind my computer writing this and reaching out to hundreds of people.

I made it throe all odds and so can you. You just have to believe it yourself.

It’s like the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”
You have to fail a few times to really succeed.

With that I will have to say good night!

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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