My day in pictures

My day started of great. First lesson spanish (first and second pic) we have a tradition in my class that someone or some people bake something to our last friday class, and this week it was my and Evelinas time. We decided to make vanilla muffins with melted chocolate inside (pic 3) and after that i went home from her place and a birthday gift from my mums bf waited at me (pic 4) i had told him earlier that I wanted it, going to kill that bag this spring/summer. Then i started with my studies with a raspberry smoothie by me as a snack (pic 5) and then Evelina text's me and tells me that we have a problem.  Our muffins have turned into stones.  I did what i had to do. I dragged my tired ass over to the kitchen at 9 pm and stood there and made muffins for over an hour.  (Pic 6)

Going to finish my book before i sleep, bye

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