Teatime With Lihini!

L: hello William, how are you?
W: im fine. how are you?
L: im good, a bit tired hehe
W: okey, I can tell...
L: what do you mean?
W: you look very beautiful
L: that's so sweet of you to say. what are your plans for today?
W: nothiiiiiiing
L: what a boring life you must have
W: it's fantastic.
L: let's agree to disagree.
so, every time I see you sitting alone I always see a nintendo or a book in your hands. what are you reading right now?
W: The last book in the Inheritence chronicle, named Inheritence, you may have heard of it's prequels Eragon and The eldest.
L: I have! I have the book Eragon at home but I can't bring myself to read it... is the book any good?
W: Eragon is great, not the best book in the series, which would be The eldest, but it is actually one of the best books i've ever read.
L: hm, maybe I should read it then... so, I get the vibe that The eldest is not your favourite book, am i right?
W: It was for a couple of years, but it's also a book aimed towards younger people and I did kind of out grow it.
L: which book is your favorite book at the moment?
W: Name of the wind, The wise mans fear or one of the books in A song of ice and fire, I'm not good at deciding such things.
L: do you have a favorite author?
W: George RR Martin, or the one who wrote the name of the wind, don't remember his name.
L: why is he your favorite author?
W: His books are good, and a bit different. They are also very complex and there is a wide variation of extremely detailed characters.
L:is that soo... so, do you have a book that you would destroy every copy of and why?
W: No, not really. I once attempted to read New moon, but I couldn't finish it since it was terrible and I hated it with every inch of my body. But that doesn't mean i want to light it on fire or anything.
L: you are so weird. you didn't even read the first book. that is like begging for the book Gods to kill you.
W: They can try to smite me if they want to, I'm stronger than them.
L: don't be so sure, i might even help them.. okay, my last question.. Im sure you have a lot of girls falling head over heels for you, you good looking fella, but are you single?
W: No I'm not, I currently have several girlfriends, simultaneously, I'm what some people would call a "PIMP"
L: well then I guess some of my readers could be added to your long list of girlfriends, since you don't seem to have troubles having more than one girlfriend?
W: Yeah, I might even help them make some money on the side.
L: hahahaha, you are so weird, I like you. okay, that was it, thank you for your time William Winberg!
L: no, stop, im not going out with you
W: okey...
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)

 William Winberg
xoxo Lihini

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