I eat to die healthy.

I eat to die healthy. I don't wan't to die because of what I ate, when i had the freedom to eat anything that I wanted. but changing food habit's can be hard, trust me, i know, I used to eat at least 100g of chocolate per day, and i would eat this planet's biggest portions of junk food.
I still eat chocolate, and I still eat junk food, but I do it with limit's, I allow myself to eat, let's say, MCdonalds 1 -2 a month and chocolate on weekends, but cutting of chocolate for 5 days can be extremely hard sometimes so when it get's too hard I eat a small amount of chocolate with 90% cacao, just to calm the chocolate hunger. of course it's not the same thing as "normal chocolate" but it works.
here are some basics you should try to avoid and what you could eat instead! :)
Healthy Food 10 Simple Choices
xoxo Lihini

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