happy easter!

It’s finally Easter break! I saw a bunny yesterday on my way home; I thought that was a bit random haha! How are you guys celebrating Easter?

We don’t really celebrate Easter here at home, we buy candy and might go out and have dinner, but we don’t celebrate it with decorating the house and stuff like that. Although I would like to do that, I like decorating and doing DIYs. Oh well, there is always a next year.

This week break I have some stuff scheduled. It’s my mother’s birthday on Monday, yes, April fool day, then on Tuesday I’m meeting up with my ol’ friend who I haven’t seen since October I think! Then later that evening I’m going to my friends place, Julia, she is having a sleepover for me and our friend Carin (i did my first "teatime with lihini ever on her, but back then i called it interview lol, find it HERE), we call ourselves “the trio” I know, how original. Then on Thursday my friend William who I had over as a guest on “teatime with Lihini”(you can find it here) is having a movie night! Me and my friend Maria won’t stay long because my mom only allowed me to be there to 10pm, but I will take what I get, considering the fact that she wouldn’t even let me go in the first place.

And of course I’m going to read tons of books! (That’s what I’m telling myself, I always end up finishing top’s two books…)
My Easter break reading list will be uploaded in an hour!

~ stay smart, stay chic

xoxo Lihini

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