best saturday ever!

... said by no one when you are sick. Yesterday I was at my friends house, Julia (http://www.portlouis.devote.se) we talked about everything, and then her parent's came home with the most delicious chocolate muffins with chocolate frosting on top! they were delish. sadly, I didn't get to keep the delishness in my stomach when I came home...
What i do when i have trouble with keeping my food in mys system is that i drink a lot of green tea. i start of with plain simple green tea, with some spices in it and then next time I change the green tea int some other flavour, and at my third cup i add some milk, that way I stay hydrated but I still get some vitamins in my system without vomiting.

with that said I also have to tell you guys that the blogging might not be as great as it use to be because im very tired, and if i do erite something, have indulgence that the post might not be as bright as my other post's including this one..
Intellectual vomit
house vomit.

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