8 tips on how to study effectively.

1. eyes on the prize.
im not talking about some oscars award here. when i start to study I do good for like 15 minutes or so, and then i will drift away. im not motivated. of course i could tell myself that I won't come in to a collage if i don't focuse and no college means no job which means no money etc. but that's just so far away.. 
put up a prize that you will get after you have finished your studies, it could be a jar of ben and jerry, chocolate, getting to watch your favorite tv serie, or as for me, going to the gym.

2. schedule schedule schedule!
make up a routine, and write it down. when i have something written down it's like an appointment to me, I can't miss it because if i do something bad will happen. I know that nothing will really happen but it just feels like that..

3. write a summary of the pages 
this takes a hellof a time but it's worth it, trust me. 
when our teacher would give us 30 pages to read i would just read them over and over again. but to be honest, how many times can you re-read thirty pages? it would probably take me 1 week to read it three times lol. 
so what i do is that i write a summary of every column. I change it into my own words and short it down. studies show that if you write something down you will have a less harder time remembering it, and as a bonus you don't have to re read the whole book

4. highlight!
colors are much more fun than plain and boring black and white right? 
studies show that keywords/ sentences that are marked will be much easier to remember because they are different from other things in the text!

5. find your favorite spot at home/ at the library etc.
finding that spot is important, because you will be spending quit a time there. make sure it's not to comfy and keep it nice and tidy. that way you won't get distracted as easily.

6. study outfit
i know this might sound really weird, but when I study I like to put on my pink adidas pant's, a pink top, fluffy white slippers with pearls, my "nerd glasses" and put my hair up in a bun. I feel like if I look nerd chic i might even get a bit smarter. and it kind of trig's me...

7. partner in crime
I would love to tell you that this is the perfect opportunity to talk to that cute guy from Chemistry, but unless he’s a science whiz you’d better not. When working with a study partner you want to look for someone that can help keep you focused, knows the material better than you do and most of all, won’t distract you especially with dashing good looks.

8. foooooood!
I always have to have food in my mouth. always, so when it's time to study im always prepared with a glass of cottage cheese, fruit and yogurt, or just sliced fruits..
fruits and scrambled eggs
cottage, banana, frozen raspberries,
strawberry yogurt 

that was all my secret tips, which are not so secret I just realized... I hope you find them useful, bye, heading for the shower, don't want to smell like a God know's what in school tomorrow!!
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~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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