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we saw a documentary today in school about social media, how girls/women get threatened to death, threatens saying they will be raped, killed in the most horrible way etc. because they speak their mind. this girl we got to hear about in the documentary had written something on H&Ms facebook page, she asked them why they sold a hoodie with a convicted rapist, also knows as Tupac. She wanted to know why they sold it and demanded them to stop selling it. and man, I have never seen someone get so much hate in such a short time...
People said the rudest thing, they hoped she got killed in all different ways, that she would kill herself, that someone would rape her and kill her, that they would search up her address and then rape her and eat her, and. they. were. all. men. she is not the only victim of these psycho twisted men, every women who have something to say and is willing to say it out loud get hate, im not kidding, there addresses goes public on facebook for anyone to find it, they get letters from men telling them that if they say this or that again their whole family will be killed and so on.

Im tired of this mans-world, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE, ruling everything, and think they are the BOSSES on this very small earth!!!!

It's been this way since Adam and Eve if you would like to believe that, Eve was the one who made that stupid choice to eat from that apple because she is weak, because women are weak, men are not, may I  remind you that while there have been a lot of great men on this earth none of them wouldn't have been born if it wasn't for a woman? and not just that, While men was out in war back in the days WOMAN'S took care of the country, kept it rolling.
Do you think why I think we hear so little about great woman's from the past? because they get hushed down every time they try to speak, just like they do with woman's with a voice today. who said Einstein was the smartest person in the history, I don't believe that, it could have been a women, how could we know, they didn't exactly treat women the way they treated men so you don't really know, so you can't say that Einstein was the smartest dude in the history, because they didn't check the girls.

My mother told me that this is the way it is suppose to be because this is the way it has been since the first human walked on this planet, BUT IT IS NOT THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE, Women have the same chances to become successful as a man, WE deserve it as much as THEY do, why should we BEND because they are men?

back in the days almost all white men and woman where racist, for a long long long looong time, but just because it was like that, does it mean it is the way it should be, because that's the way it has been for a while? then how come we are all so against racism now?

it's a invalid argument, just because things have been a certain way in the past doesn't mean it is still supposed to be like that, we are not a conservatism community, at least not here in Sweden, we accept changes, and I think It is time that we accept that woman's have opinion's and it is time for them to be heard without them getting sexual threatens!

(im not judging all men out there, I know there are a lot of men who sees woman's for what they really are)

Men treat women as your equalsMen of Quality Support Women's Equality
Feminist--Someone who believes men and women are created equal and should have equal rights.Men of quality, respect women's equality
xoxo Lihini

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