productive day!

omg, this have been a fun day! I woke up 6.30, went to school, had the longest, most horrible classes, we watched a movie about the slavery and how it was born, such an terrible movie, because they showed you videoclips of hands being severed, how they hang people etc etc, I can't deal with that because i know that that has happent to actual people. that's why i like fantasy so much. anyway after that me and my friends went to the gym, took a shower after that, ate, took the train to the city, met up with some other friends and went to the cinema where they showed an exclusive preview of Pitch Perfect, I got us on the list so it was super cool, I know some countries have had that movie out for a while but the actual premiere here in Sweden is in 4 days. the movie was fun, I liked the songs and Fat Amy was so hilarious, loved her!
If you are in to musicals like glee, HSM, Grease u should check it out, or just to laugh, me and my friends laughed so much, and so thit the other people in the room.

good night!
xoxo Lihini

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