Tips on how to write a novel.

writing novels is extremely hard but at the same time really really exciting.
first of we have to know if we have a purpose with this novel, why are we writing it?
for an example, if it is for a school project you might have to talk with your teacher and ask him/her, what is it that he/she are looking for, is it grammar, is it the structure, choice of word etc.

1. get inspired.
getting inspired nowadays is easy because there are just so many things happening around you all the time.  When I wan't to be inspired I read blogs, it helps reading about different personalities.
going to a cafeteria alone is probably the best way to get inspired when coming up with characters. that way you get to study actual people and how they talk, their small actions, the way they laugh, what they order, what they talk about, facial expressions etc. these are things we don't really think about on a daily basic and hardly analyse.
and my last resource: Pinterest. i LOVE pinterest, they always have the most beautiful pictures, and they have pictures of everything, why not make an collage!

2. write a check list
what is it that you wan't to write about? a criminal scene, watch 1 or two episodes of Nacy CIA,  to get the surrounding. if you are not that good at putting listening to something and then put it to words I suggest that you read book in the same category you wan't to write in!

3. start writing a draft.
 quick and hazy. nothing to specific, that can wait until the last touch - up. concentrate on the actual story here.

4. go to sleep.
you need to sleep, so that next day when you read your text again you will see all the small in corrections you didn't see the day before.

5. touch up
correct the last misspellings etc.

and you are done!
remember that a novel is not supposed to be super long, and not too heavy environmental descriptions :)

happy writing!
xoxo Lihini 

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