Teatime With Lihini

Me:Hi Klara, how are you doing?

Klara: Hello. Not very well, having a bad cold....

Me:sucks, have you taken any medicins?

Klara: No...  only alvedon

Me: hopefully you will get well soon. I know you wen't to India on a vacation, how was your trip?!

Klara: Yes, me to  ooh it was amazing! Hot, sunny, lovely people and beaches. And of course, sweet lemon soda. Haha I probably drank at least 3 a day
I can really recommend India as your next vacation destination

Me: i love lemon soda, so tasty! it's not too sweet which i like. i have been to India twice, but i was only 2 years old at that time so I don't remember much. or nothing at all actually. the people living in India, how was their english?

Klara: Ooh, its close to sri lanka, perhaps you can go there sometime when you're visiting your relatives. Uum, it was actually very good. They have a strange pronunciation but their grammar was good and almost everyone could speak English

me: yeah i would love to go there one more time, It seems like a really interesting country. did you find good english books there or was all their books in english?

Klara: I didnt look, because i brought my own books. But at our hotel in north Goa there was a library where you could donate old books. Many if them were in english

Me: that's considerate. what books did you bring with you?

Klara: The white tiger, the hunger games and confessions of a shopaholic.

Me: they are pretty different from each-other, tell me more about the books, what did you think of the books?

Klara: Yes they are! The white tiger was about a poor boy in India and at the beginning I thought it was boring but it turned out pretty good. Strange but good. Shopaholic I can really recommend. You just read and don’t have to think. Haha. The hunger games. Do i have to explain more? The hunger games is simply the hunger games. Even better in english than in Swedish

me: so you enjoyed the hunger games? i personally hated it

Klara: Whaaat?  how can you? I loove all the three books. They have everything; love, hate, excitement, death...EVERYTHING. i liked twilight but not anymore because the hunger games have taken its place in my heart 

me: you cannot be serious, the hunger games was just so... plain. Except for the third book. i cried my eyes out at the third book  so beside from The hunge rgames, it there other book series you really like?

Klara: Ooh i loved the second book, but also the ending of the series. But according to most of the people sucked the end, bit not according to me  uuhm... i love starcrossed and cant wait until the third book is out in store!! But also the books about becky bloomwood aka shopaholic

Me: omg u read starcrossed?! i didn't know that, i love the starcrossed series too! i think the third book comes out next year im afraid... 
so you like the hunger games and starcrossed. any favourite author?

klara: Oh how nice  but i think i've heard that the release of the third book is in may 2013. But i can be wrong...  I usually dont think about how the author writes but i must say sophie kinsella i a good one and also stephanie meyer

me: you seem to be a girl with quite a assorted taste. I like that. I loved Stephenie Meyer when i was younger, too bad she haven't released anything new in like, five years. do you search for anything in particular when you look for a good book?

Klara: I look for love (i mean, which teenage girl doesn’t?) But also some fantasy to "escape" in if you know what i mean. Just to pretend that your life also can be that exciting... or im looking for silly, easy-read novels whom you can relax and laugh at.

Me: i understand exactly what you mean. so, do you have a favourite book?

Klara: Tricky question, i like sooo many books... but it must be catching fire by Suzanne Collins. The books i choose must look nice because i sort of collect on beautiful books. cant even throw away a pocket book...

Me: omg what on earth did you like about catching fire? it sucked in my opinion! yeah my books are like my babies

Klara: I liked everything!!! The new characters like finnick and johanna, the anger against the capitol and the REAL feelings between katniss and peeta.

Me: let's agree to disagree shall we? I't has been a Pleasure interviewing you, and i wish you nice evening!

xoxo Lihini

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