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just chilling with my ghost friends.

I got a gym card a while ago, and people who knew were like:

because me and physical training... well let's just say we don't know each other very well.
But I'm starting to gain a lot of extra weight, and i don't like that at all. and all i do is sit on my bed and read a lot of books, or i study, or I watch tv. a lot of sitting. and i hate exercising. i get tired really fast and just give up. we had a beep test at school a while ago and i got the points 2.4 or something. if you are familiar with the beep test you know how very very bad that is...
and on top of that, I eat like a full grown man, and im married with junk food, for real lol. i don't know what it is with sweet food and me, everything that is sweet i eat, and my biggest weakness is chocolate, man I love chocolate. i prefer the 34% kakao chocolate's but i can eat up to 90%. crazy, i know. that's like powder pressed kakao lol.
But i don't wan't to be like that. I wan't to be able to look down at my body and feel proud of what i have, I wan't to live a healthy life with a nice slim body.

some of you might think, why slim, every shape is beautiful. but that isn't entirely true. some people look better with curves, like Kim K, Beyonce, Oprah, while others look better with their natural bone structure shape, like Miranda Kerr, Lucy Hale, Rihanna etc. I'm not saying that there are curves at my body that i don't like, but they are not all healthy curves. I think that if you start eating healthy and exercise at least twice a week body shape doesn't really matter, as long as you are happy with how you look. if you start loosing some inches it's just a sign that your body wasn't shaped with healthy fat.
notice i said shape and not weight. because muscles weight more than fat, so you should not trust the weighing scale that much

with that said im going to give you a very easy receipt on one of my favorite smoothies!

i love smoothies in general with a lot of sugar, but i switched the sugar for something else this time!
1 dl frozen berries of choice. i used rasberry, strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry
1 ½ dl vanilla yohgurt
2 teaspoons honey
mix and drink!

I got swag

xoxo Lihini

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