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Life Goals. with a big G.

I was inspired to write about this subject after a glee episode and after watching a youtube clip about goals. I am afraid of believing. I am scared that my dreams are too big and i will at the end of the day have no house,  no money, no lifestyle, no nothing.
That's why i don't dream. because im to scared.
And that is so wrong.

Goals are what makes us motivated here in life. it helps us get up in the morning, because we have a goal to work toward so we will have to go up and get things done to get to that goal. how big or small that goal is you have to start with waking up. and im not just talking about waking up from your sleep, Im talking about waking up from your dream. don't get me wrong, you have to dream big, but in our dream we don't paint up all the things that can go wrong. that's why we have to wake up first and set up the tough goals - how to get there.
Because no matter what you wan't to do in life, you got to fight for it. you might break down, you might have to stay up the whole night one day, or even sacrificing some things in your life, but if that goal is everything for you, you have to be prepared for that.

People will always bring you down, say that no you can't become a lawyer you are gullible, or you will never become a star on Broadway, but that should only motivate you to fight back even harder and show them, yes i can do this.
you will get lost at the way, ask yourself 'where am I?' and that is what your past and your loved ones there for. to show you where you started off, and where you are today. how far you have come to your goal.
Never settle for less. ever. if you have a goal be ready to fight for it. Let's say you wan't to learn how to make cupcakes. when you have mastered making muffins you might wan't to quit, because muffins are tasty right? But if you have mastered to make muffins, what is standing in your way to learn how to make cupcakes?

I am so scared of dreaming that it hurts.
My biggest dream here in life is to become a singer. an artist. a creator. I love singing so so much that it hurts. and dancing. when i sing and dance, nothing can bring me down.
So what is holding me back you might ask yourself, i just gave you guys a lesson in chasing after your dreams , why can't i do the same?
I have a slight more or less difficulty speaking because of my mouth-structure. no matter how hard i try there are just some letters that we use on a daily basic that i will never be able to pronounce correctly.
when i tell people this im fast with saying "but i'ts okay, im used to it." but its not okay. not at all. Im thinking about a surgery to fix my problem, but the thing is that i have already had 3 operations for that case. but im not giving up you know. if i need a miracle im going up to heaven and im going to knock down God's doors until he gives me a miracle.
Like i said before i am super scared. because I might never be good enough how hard I try. but Im never going to sit back and do nothing. because at the end of the day, we might not always succeed, but then at least you know that you have tried.
what Im trying to say is that we all don't have the same possibility, some are luckier than others. like if i was Beyoncés daughter i could just use some autotune and people would buy my CD's, u get my point. the rest of us just have to try harder. and sometimes, we have to fight and wait for a miracle. because miracles do happen.
and FIY i don't believe in god. but i will save that for another day.
set a goal and ask yourself. how far are you ready to go?
before you do anything, read this"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" Seneca, Roman philosopher (5 BC - 65 AD)If the climb is getting tough, remember this...  For more motivation #FollowFriday @Jessica WhittingtonMost obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them. #bold #obstacles #inspiration #motivation #quoteQuotes

never be afraid of dreaming
xoxo Lihini

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