affected by other reviews

do you guys get affected by other people's reviews?

I like to think that I don't, I have a hard time reading a book that has a average rating under 4.0 on Goodreads, and If a friend tell me to not read this or that book i probably won't.

I think im just afraid to read a bad book, to waste my time you know.
I'ts kind of twisted in a way, because far from every book i have ever read that has a rating above 4.0 has been good, let's just take Hunger Game, Pride and Prejudice, what happened to GoodBye, the Awakening and the Struggle, etc etc...

But sometimes, if i find a REALLY good Review, ratings doesn't really get to me.
but yeah, i wish ratings wouldn't really affect me that way, i guess that could be my new years resolution
or not, i will probably forget it by tomorrow.
-Demi Lovato  MhmmmRealityMoon Nail
xoxo Lihini

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