snow can be nice, for those who haven't seen it, but we have snow up to 5 MONTHS A YEAR. and i hate it. yesterday my friend was stuck on the train for over 3 hours, she didn't even make it to school before all our classes ended, and her journey usually takes an hour. why, because of the snow. me and my friend thought for real that we were going to have sleep at school, but our bus was only 1 hour late so we made it home, however, not in time.
the snow is everywhere, and u might think that they shut down the whole city at days like this but no, not here in Sweden.. aagh, have to go to school now, but i do not know how, since a lot of trains are delayed. that's another thing that's funny. they tell us at my school that we have to go to school today, and a lot of people at my school take the train which means that alot of kids will be stuck in traffic, while Linnea's school closed down yesterday, AND they are close today too. and 90% of the kids who goes to that school lives in that village.

xoxo Lihini

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