Other Side of Forever REVIEW

By: Shannon Eckrich

Allie is a normal girl on the outside, but on the inside she carries a dark secret. she have telekinetic powers. one day she meets Ethan, who turns her whole world upside down. Ethan has powers like hers and some more. but will their love be able to survive when there are people lurking around the bushes to tear it apart?

this book was OK.
It wasn't the worst book i've ever read exactly, but not the best either. i think the story was a bit.. unreal. even for a fantasy book. the book reminded me a lot about twiligt, by which i mean the love story.
I think the book could have been better constructed, because the book really had a good base, that could have been developed. anyway, I think the author has a bright future ahead of herself, with some more story telling practice.
Other Side of Forever
xoxo Lihini

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