Adrian Ivashkov?

the world wide famous series "Vampire Academy" have a character named Adrian. I'm, totally obsessed with Adrian, he is my fictional soulmate, i mean, come on, the way she describes him... My friends and I always ALWAYS argue about this, they don't know what i see in him, being the drunk addict that he is, but there is just something with Adrian that makes my heart melt, something deep inside him yet to be discovered..
So Richelle Mead is making these book teaser's and the guy that plays Adrian is so ugly  so not Adrian Material!!
i just found THE PERFECT Adrian the other day, just looook at him! he is THE Adrian, right age, right features, just.. right

this is the Adrian from the teasers with Sydney

no. no no no. not even Sydney looks like that in my head.
xoxo Lihini

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