Study time

im so angry right now. don't ask me why, I just am. I'ts probably because of my mum.it's always her.
anyway, you don't want me going into details about that. 
today is Study-day. it says so in your calender, it's true! no just kidding, im going to Waynees Coffee today to study with a friend about the 'New Age' what that is, i haven't even read the chapter yet...
tomorrow is school and im actually excited about it. i wan't to learn more, i haven't feel like this for what, months? It's good to be back on track. and i get to see the hot boys at my school, or maybe i should say the boys at sophmore, ironically i haven't found ONE hot guy in the junior classes, or the senior classes, and i used to be that girl who wouldn't even LOOK at the boys my age, i guess things change lol. and the funny thing is that I hated all of the boys before i saw their looks. don't ask me why.

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