So, finally I have finished City of Lost Souls. The first four hundred pages I didn't enjoy the reading so much. And the whole book was so predictable. Just like the third book. I don't know how much I should spoil but let's just say it wasn't hard to figure out the construction of the genealogical tree between Jace, Clary and Sebastian in City of Glass.

When I see this image, I can actually picture them as Jace and Clary. If you want to know more about the book becoming movie klick here or heeere.
I really don't understad why the book was so long, that was a total waste. It didn't even happend that much if you ask me. And the characters made annoyed. Magnus was all  ;"Oh Alec you love me and wan't to live with me until we grow old and die in each others arms but that's why im breaking up with you!" And then we have Clary ;"Jace your soul are posessed and treat me like a jerk but I will take the moon down for you anyway!" Okay maybe that was a bit overstatement but anyway, they were stupid!
  But to the end the book was better. The end made me curious about the next book. I will probably read it.

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