Sorry for my bad update. I'm really sorry! My only excuse is the lack of time.
Today is fathers day, wiieh. Love when you get to celebrate people! Even the "old" people say they don't enjoy it I know that they somehow do. I know I will always love celebrations!
Me and mom gave dad some bath-thing, don't really know what it was.. But it's the thought that counts isn't is? But no not really. That's so not true. Like; "hey happy birthday i didn't bought you anything but I was thinking of buying that awesome book you wanted, but I did't bother buying it because that wouldn't matter anyway. Because it's the thought that counts!" Most Stupid thing ever. Just some thing some parsimonious idiot that came up with! 
 My dad is my best friend, the person that knows practically everything about me, the one that is so much like me it's almost scary. Really love him, there is no better man walking on this earth. 

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