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i sure got your attention now hahaha!
no but seriously.
i like to believe im one of these girls with a type, and that's what i have been telling people if they ask me what kind of guys i like. my answer "i dunno, mysterious, hard-edged guys" you know, those bad boys book fictional guys? but honestly, i don't have a type. i mean there are things i DON'T want in a guy, but i don't have a check list really haha
things i DON'T like in guys:
- guys with a big EGO
- guys who know the are hot, i mean come on, i don't need to be updated on how your six pack looks every 5 sec on instagram
- rude guys. hate it
- guys who think of themselves as "too cool" to do things. no, you are not
- believe it or not, guys who work out every single day

things i DO like in guys
- guys who are nice
- guys who are polite 
- guys with a great laugh
- guys who can joke around
- guys who actually study. i don't know why, but every time i see a guy actually read a book my heart melts

i have no, no NO idea why, but my eyes always fall on the tall guys haha, and when i say long i mean by normal standards, and then i come there and im like super duper short, yeeah i know, great combo.
xoxo Lihini

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