J.K. Rowling - other books than Harry Potter?

to be, or not to be. that's the million dollar question. im sure that ALL of you guys have heard of the Harry Potter books, and the author, J.K. Rowling. her books are the second (!) most read books, after the bible. so when an author as big as her start's to write other books people always start to wonder. will she be able to do it? how come she can write something EVEN better than Harry Potter?
I personally have NOT read the Harry Potter books (I know, shame on me) but i have heard that the books are very good. i checked up Rowling's 'new' book (came out in September) and was pleased to find out that it did not look like HP a bit.


When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils ... Pagford is not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations?

The Casual Vacancy
 have you guys read it?
xoxo Lihini

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