Jan Guillou - The Road to Jerusalem

In 1150 Arn Magnusson is born to an aristocratic Swedish family and spends his childhood at the Cistercian monastery of Varnhem where he is taught the best of spiritual and worldly learning. He is also trained to become a master archer and swordsman by the giant Brother Guilbert, a former knight. At seventeen, equipped to become a monk or a warrior, Arn returns home, a young man and yet an innocent in the ways of the world. Two sisters cross his path: he is seduced by one yet falls deeply in love with the other. In loving the two sisters he has committed a serious crime and he is sentenced to serve twenty years as a Knight Templar in the Holy Land...
In the beginning it was boring, I must admit that. But towards the middle it became better and I really enjoyed the reading. During the whole book parallels was lined between the life of Arn and the history of the 1100'th century. That was positive because I got to know more about the life and the history . But it was also a bit disturbing because I was longing for the story of Arn not the relationships between all the kings.. But on the whole the book was good and I will read the next three books I think.  
 It was fun to read something else than just the usual young adult. I think it's good to vary your literary habits. Read something else for a change!

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